Registered Psychotherapist, Relational, EMDR, IFS

Online Therapy  – IFS,  EMDR, Mindfulness and Relational Psychotherapy 

I am a Registered Psychotherapist and I offer online therapy.  Therapy is a particular kind of conversation – it is a collaborative interaction  whose aim is to foster increased self knowledge and healing.  In our sessions you are invited to talk about what is most pressing for you.  I will strive to stay attuned and to hold a safe space for you. As a therapist I don’t offer advice or easy fixes instead we will explore and find out what you need (even if it is buried under fear, guilt or shame). Therapy is a space where you can allow different facets of your self and your history to emerge and be explored with a compassionate curiosity. The process requires courage and trust. I hope to create an environment where both those elements can flourish.
I offer individual therapy and I am working one on one with people over 18 years old.  

If you would like to experience feeling understood, appreciated and supported, if you would like to work with an engaged, non-judgemental and compassionate therapist, I encourage you to contact me.

I am increasingly amazed at the extraordinary practical complexities and emotional challenges that we’re all facing. It’s hard to be alone and stuck with these intense feelings, to have no one to talk to or to help you through this.  Friends and family may have their on set of issues to deal with and it is sometimes challenging to discuss your hard feelings with them. I can provide effective support during times of stress and struggle, helping you take care of yourself so you start feeling better. If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, unhappy, anxious, alone, or need to talk about any other issue I am here to listen because I know that sitting with these feelings can be challenging

Through the therapeutic process we will make sense of your feelings and you will get some solid ground under your feet. Working together will help you with emotion regulation, with having clarity of mind and with the understanding of the narrative that you hold. This understanding will empower you to make better decisions and have more fulfilling relationships.

Every person has a unique way of taking in the environment. You are the expert of your life and together we will be able to air the difficult things that hold you down and then we will find a way to go beyond them. Right now, the entire world is going through a lot of change and unknown.  As your therapist I will support your process of healing and we will look together to discuss and heal the areas of your life that need care and attentionDuring the therapeutic sessions, I am always curious and present to your process and I support our sessions with a grounded presence.  The tools I use are IFS, EMDR, Mindfulness, Relational Therapy and Somatic Awareness techniques.  

My work is informed by the philosophies of Buddhist practice. I help clients cultivate compassion and acceptance for oneself and others, and I believe that from this place we can be more clear and see a way to take steps towards the life you want.

I work with mind/emotions/energy/body posture to bring a state of balance and peace to your whole being.  I practice from anti-racist, anti-oppressive, trauma-informed framework.


Other Therapies

I am also work as an RMT – using Massage therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and Magnified Healing. My healing techniques support you with services that help heal the body as well as settle the nervous system, leaving you calm and refreshed. My treatments will assist you in your day-to-day life as well as with stressful and challenging times.

Online scheduling

I am a member of CRPO the regulator body for Psychotherapists and a member of Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapy (CAPT). I trained at the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy (TIRP), a recognized training and educational program with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CPRO). I maintain regular and confidential supervision with an advanced clinician.

If you’d like to have more info have a look at my profile on psychologytoday today:

I am a member of RMTAO (registered massage therapists association of Ontario) a professional association for massage therapists. I belong to the Collage of Massage Therapists of Ontario a governing body for massage therapists.

My treatment space is located on the third floor of the Village Healing Centre in the heart of Roncesvalles Village.

It is within walking distance of the High Park and Bloor West neighbourhoods.

I also work in Hamilton Ontario.

240 Roncesvalles Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M6R 1L3

Hamilton Ontario, L8L5A7