Therapist Bio

Mihaela Poca, BSc, Registered Psychotherapist, RMT

I started working in health and healing in 2005.  Before that I was working as a software developer in a financial company and I was struggling with finding meaning in my work.  I started taking courses in healing and I found an opportunity to apply my healing skills when I started volunteering with a hospice for end of life holistic care.
Seeing the benefits of the healing techniques and being in connection with people made me want to pursue this work.  I decided to quit my job as a software developer and work  to help people to be more integrated in body and mind.

I was fascinated by the power of healing in connection; how much people transform when someone understands them and is experience near.  Each client has a different set of needs and I draw on many different therapeutic modalities to help my clients.

I practice Zen Buddhist meditation for a number of years. My work is informed by the philosophies of Buddhist practice.  I help clients cultivate compassion and acceptance for oneself and others, and believe that from this place we can be more clear and see a way to take steps towards the life we want.